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As one of the areas most well respected property agents, the experienced lettings team at Russell Cope are here to help you find the perfect rental property. From viewing to references, inventories to maintenance, make sure that the experience of renting your home through us is as stress-free as possible.

Russell Cope Landlord Services

We use the latest technology. We attract the right tenants. We make the right choice. We support your needs. Russell Cope offer a range of flexible services for landlords which are designed to help keep a complex area very simple.

Russell Cope Sales

if you want to sell your property to reliable, buyers, then look no further. Our local property experts are here to help and support you throughout the sales process, providing helpful and useful advice. Our powerful marketing package ensures the best possible awareness of your property and we match up the most suitable buyers for your needs, offering you the best all-round service.

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Latest Property News

Airbnb – Overnight success or a bad night’s sleep?

Airbnb is fast becoming the preferred method of accommodation amongst leisure and business travellers.  For Airbnb hosts it can be an easy way of making some extra cash.
However, recently there have been a number of cases where properties have been damaged by guests, sublet by tenants, people being injured at Airbnb properties and hosts...

Trail of destruction by tenant from hell in Liverpool Echo

The Liverpool Echo have shown the flip side of the landlord story with a shocking tail of wilful destruction by a tenant from hell.
Click here to see the full article and terrible photos.
The Landlord is...

Recommended Accountants?

Does Property118 recommend any property specific accountancy firms? If so will these complete my self assessment along with providing me the best tax planning advice?
I am a young landlord at 27 with 4 rental properties and a full time job. I feel a little bogged down in the past 12 months regarding all the recent changes and confused...

2.75% increase in the average rent price shown by Belvoir Q2 index

Property franchise Belvoir, which has over 300 offices, has published its Q2 rental index, indicating a year on year increase in average rents of just over 2.75%, from £730 in Q2 2016 to £751 in Q2 2017.
Comparing the Q2 2017 average to the 2016 annual average of £783, this indicates rental increases of just under 2% – a figure that is in...

Send in tax returns even if you don’t make a profit

Unfortunately, we still speak with amateur landlords who may have owned a rental property for years, often by accident, who have not submitted any tax returns. This is most commonly because they think they don’t need to if they haven’t made a profit.
To be fair to HMRC if no profit hasn’t been made and you own up first they are pretty...

HMO COUNCIL TAX being changed on each room!

Hi all, I have a bed HMO which consists of having all en-suites. I’ve been battling with the local Council reference council tax since obtaining planning permission and once fully finished. As all landlords know council tax is very expensive!!
The council classed the HMO rooms as “self contained”, however after having number of site...

The paradox of Section24

Last week a reader pointed out that the gross yield figures that are bandied about are misleading and we should concentrate on the return on investment (ROI).
The gross yield is the annual gross rent as a percentage...

Tenants face dwindling supply of housing

Private sector tenants face a perfect storm with the supply of homes to rent set to fall as demand increases.
According to a survey of almost 3,000 landlords published today, 22 per cent plan to sell at least one of their properties over the next year, with just 18 per cent planning to buy additional properties to rent.
The new data...

A few questions on a development opportunity we have

Hello All!
My wife and I are pursuing a development plot nearby where we live in Manchester and I’d like to ask readers for their thoughts on a few issues.
We’d like to develop 1 or 2 properties on this site.
We currently own a couple of BTLs and our own home all of which are mortgaged. We have the cash to buy the site (unless...

Advice needed – Freeholder keeps charging for same piece of work

We have been billed three times (split 3 ways) to repair a leak in the roof, how many times can we be charged to fix the same thing?
The first time we paid, the company that did the work went out of business. I am waiting to hear back about why this work isn’t guaranteed from the 2nd company. Surely this can’t be never ending, what rights...

Sale and Rent Back Court Case Wreaks Havoc

A couple who purchased their neighbour’s house to help him out of financial difficulty 20 years ago have been ordered by a judge to give him a 90 year lease at a fixed rent of only £800 for the whole term.
David and Sheila Harding who purchased the property from their neighbour Colin Gregory now want to sell to fund a new life in Spain,...

Beware BICT Copycats

There are now several ‘copy-cat’ structures which appear very similar to the BICT “Beneficial Interest Company Transfer” structure being offered by tax-planners but many of them do not obtain non-statutory clearance.
BICT is a legal structure which enables landlords to avoid the costs associated with refinancing at the point of...

Beware Tax Planning Models Using LLP’s

If you are being advised to use an LLP as a stepping stone towards incorporation then you have good cause to be wary.
Of course there are many perfectly legitimate reasons to form a Limited Liability Partnership but that’s another story for another day.
However, there is a business model doing the rounds which relies on a piece of...

Forming A Partnership To Avoid SDLT On Incorporation

This isn’t as straight forward as some people would like to think. Therefore, I have written this article to explain many of the pitfalls and to explain why it is so important for you to obtain the right advice.
For example, some people think that forming a partnership one day and incorporating the next solves the problem.
No, No,...

Are CHL’s mortgage terms reasonable or even legal?

Over the last 18 months I have had to point out to many of my consultancy clients that CHL “Capital Homeloans” are the only lender we are aware of which specifically prohibits the transfer of beneficial interest in their mortgage T&C’s.
This causes a major headache when if comes to tax...

Headline Mortgage Rates for Limited Companies

Limited Company BTL mortgages are now available up to 85% LTV and rates start from 3.09%.
The buy-to-let market has been hit by numerous tax changes in the last couple of years. Two of the main ones being:

  1. the introduction of a 3% Stamp Duty surcharge
  2. Until April of this year private landlords could deduct both...
Instant Conveyancing Quote

Competitive Conveyancing from our preferred partner
We have teamed up with The Moving Hub to bring you competitive conveyancing quotes for your house purchase, sale or remortgage for Buy to Let or your main residence.
As members of Property118, you will have exclusive access to the following:

  • Competitive and instant...
Pros and Cons of investing in Retirement Homes

With banks offering minimal returns on your savings, are there savvier ways to invest your money?
For those approaching retirement age, they may have been considering investing in a buy to let for retirement income. Retirement property investments generate healthy returns and give the investor time to decide whether they...

Generation Rent are more reliant than ever on the PRS

A survey carried out by LetBritain of 2000 UK adults shows that 39% are financial unable to purchase the home they would like and are reliant on the Private Rental Sector (PRS) to meet their needs.
In London this jumps to a whopping 49% who are unable to purchase, because of the disparity in house prices.
In a bizarre twist opposed...

We Should Be Using Net Rental Yields

I have just responded to a Facebook post by axe the tenant tax, the post was about landlords losing confidence with rental profits. The article ended with the fact that rental yields are holding up at 6% I have done some calculations and would like those good at the maths to make comment or provide alternative figures. I believe that net rental...