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As one of the areas most well respected property agents, the experienced lettings team at Russell Cope are here to help you find the perfect rental property. From viewing to references, inventories to maintenance, make sure that the experience of renting your home through us is as stress-free as possible.

Russell Cope Landlord Services

We use the latest technology. We attract the right tenants. We make the right choice. We support your needs. Russell Cope offer a range of flexible services for landlords which are designed to help keep a complex area very simple.

Russell Cope Sales

if you want to sell your property to reliable, buyers, then look no further. Our local property experts are here to help and support you throughout the sales process, providing helpful and useful advice. Our powerful marketing package ensures the best possible awareness of your property and we match up the most suitable buyers for your needs, offering you the best all-round service.

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Latest Property News

First BTL lenders want proof of MEES min E rating

OneSavings Bank, trading under Kent Reliance and InterBay for Buy to Let, is one of the first lenders to include in its criteria compliance under Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) rules.
All new Buy to Let mortgage applications must prove the property which security is being taken over has a minimum efficiency rating of E or an...

Litigant in person online court portal

After a smooth successful pilot project, the LIP (litigant in person) portal is set to go to public beta mode as soon as next Monday 26th March This will mean that the service will be available to all litigants in person to use.
The post Litigant in...

rapid eviction of tenants from residential property Q&A

Questions from webinar on rapid eviction of tenants from residential property on 22nd Feb 2018.
What are your costs for obtaining possession (other than court fees) and how does it compare with the county court?
The court fee for the writ of possession is £66
The post...

Charter for rent cheats

PLANS to cap security deposits for private rented housing to six weeks rent risk creating a charter for rent cheats warns the country’s leading landlord body.
Research by the Residential Landlords Association’s (RLA) has found that 40%...

HMRC and s24 advice – How lazy can you get?

The financial year end is almost upon us so I phoned HMRC and asked the question in claiming interest do I do the calculation myself – input 75% of my interest paid or do I input all the interest I have paid and their system will do the calculation.
The post...

Universal Credit update and direct payment

If you wish for your tenants Housing Cost Element (Rent) to be paid direct to you, as a Landlord you can make a request for a Managed Payment (APA) by completing a UC47 form, this form can be found on
The post Universal Credit update and...

Conveyancing Service

Buy, Sell or Remortgage with our online conveyancing service
We understand that purchasing or selling a property can be one of life’s most stressful experiences.
That’s why we promise to make sure your home move is as quick
The post Conveyancing...

Stoke-On-Trent petition to reject Selective Licensing

North Staffs Landlord Association (NSLA) have started a 38 Degrees petition “We urge Stoke-On-Trent City Council to reject Selective Licensing.”
The NSLA have reported that: “Every rental property in the designated streets will have to have a licence
The post...

Unfair practice by Council re hazards in house?

I have a buy to let property where the tenant asked the Council to assess the house using the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS). She had not raised, with me, any concerns about the condition of the house beforehand.
The post Unfair...

Council Notices – how to respond?

I’ve received two notices from the council, one is ‘Housing Act 2004 – Disrepair to private rented property’, and the other is a ‘Drainage Notice Building Act 1984 , Section 59’
The disrepair lists nearly 20 points, almost all very minor e.g.
The post ...

Bank of England’s BTL changes make it harder to get a mortgage

Six months after the Bank of England’s (BoE) latest attempt to cool the buy to let market, almost two thirds of landlords (63%) who are aware of the changes say it is now harder to get a mortgage.
The changes
The post Bank of...

Should I get a new 12 month tenancy agreement signed?

My 12 month tenancy is coming to an end once again. Last time it ended one of the tenants moved out and the other remained (moving a partner in, under a re-signed agreement). A new agreement was drawn up and any changes within the new agreement were initialed by the remaining tenant
The post...

Main residence mortgage compliance on property now rented?

I took out a mortgage in 2007 using a broker for a property, which at the time was our residential property. In 2008 I took another mortgage to buy a second property which then became our residence , with our first property being rented.
The post...

Should I buy a third buy to let?

I currently have 2 buy to let flats in Reading. Each brings in £9800 per annum. I have a total of £125000 mortgage lending on these and they have a value of £410000. I work earning £21,900 and have a pension of £18800.
The post Should I buy a third buy to let?...

Residential revolutions and robots

TV’s property expert Phil Spencer was joined by robot Pepper on official opening day at The Ideal Home Show 2018 sponsored by Zoopla: the longest running exhibition in history. Phil may have cut the ribbon to the 110th year of Britain’s famous lifestyle show
The post...

Fair or unfair landlord treatment – We’re OUT!

It’s an absolute Joke – Unfair and UNJUST LEGISLATION on the Private Sector. The same as the Deposit Protection Service – I had £2,000 of repairs to address burned / damaged carpets / Ripped wallpaper / cleaning / etc.
All the carpets were brand new as was the wallpaper.
The post...

Space efficient plumbing strategy for 5 showers?

I’m in the process of converting a 2 bed terraced house into a 5 bed student, all with ensuite shower rooms.
I have kicked off an enquiry with Western Power to look at upgrading the electricity supply to a 3 phase supply which will give me enough capacity for 4 electric showers plus an additional shower fed from a combi boiler.

Allowable expenses – Am I going mad?

Am I going mad? I can replace a tap washer to fix a dripping tap, but I can’t renew an aging tap that it is at the end of it’s useful life because that would be an improvement … even if it is cheaper and the most economically sensible route?
The post ...

Home building Stand-off with Government as BTL falls

The Berkeley Group, one of the UK’s largest home builders, has said that despite government pressure it is unable to ramp up house production.
Prime Minister Theresa May has told builders to “do their duty to Britain” and that she wanted “to see planning permissions going to people who are actually going to build houses
The post...

RBS policy changes for Buy to Let – 4 to 10 properties

This week, RBS have introduce policy changes to their Buy to Let lending criteria representing the final phase of changes post PRA rules introduced last year regarding portfolio landlord (4 or more rental properties) affordability underwriting.
RBS have increased the total number of Buy to Let properties they will allow a landlord...